School children at Perrygrove

School and Group Visits

We have dedicated events for schools and group visits. Some packages are curriculum based and were written by local school teachers. These are shown below.

We offer a range of packages to suit EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children.

If you have any requirements you would like to discuss or have something particular in mind, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by phone: 01594 834991, or email:

Perrygrove Railway

Teddy Takes The Train


This is by far our most popular package. Take part in a teddy bear hunt through our woodland, enjoy a Perrygrove story, ride the train and have fun at Foxy Hollow. Don’t forget to bring your teddy bears along to enjoy the ride!


  • Communication and Language • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Understanding the World

We had a fantastic time at Perrygrove with 20 of our reception children. From the booking process to arrival on the day everything was very well organised. The children really enjoyed exploring all of the different play areas particularly the Twilight Village and Tree Top Adventures. It was a great day out and linked perfectly to our learning about transport.

Miss Peart, Ellwood Primary School, May 2022
Perrygrove Railway

Mini-beast Detectives

Key Stage 1 – Popular

(groups of 5-7 year olds)

Be met by one of our staff and catch the train to the start of our woodland walk where you will need to look our for unexplained objects along the way. After this you will become mini-beast detectives and hunt for mini-beasts in their woodland habitat.

National Curriculum Link

  • Identify that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited
  • Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats
  • Working Scientifically
  • Observing closely using equipment
  • Performing simple tests
  • Identifying and classifying
Perrygrove railway engines

Transport Through Time

Key Stage 2

(groups of 8-11 year olds)

Enjoy a train ride before exploring how types of transport have changed throughout history and how the development of these has changed the locality.

Then learn how a steam locomotive works and how their creation has helped change industry.

National Curriculum Link

  • A study over time tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality
  • A study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality
Perrygrove school lesson

Steam Engine Science

Key Stage 2

(groups of 8-11 year olds)

Enjoy a train ride before investigating how steam locomotives work.

Children will investigate how everyday resources, such as water and coal, are used to create a living, breathing steam engine that can haul heavy loads.

National Curriculum Link

  • Observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (oC)
  • Identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surfaces
School children at Perrygrove

From The Orchard To The Bottle

KS1 & 2

Limited availability due to seasonal ingredients. Only available from late September until the end of October.

A unique experience where all children will have an active role in the process of making a product from seasonal ingredients.

Children take the train to our pear orchard and collect the pears to make their own juice. After placing
these on the train, they return to our main station where they scrat the pears using a traditional scratter, press the pulp to extract the juice, filter the juice to remove any lumps and finally fill up their bottles. Previously, children have created their own labels, (either at school or on site), and have used this experience as part of a scheme of learning.

This would make a perfect D and T project. At school, children can design their own containers or cartons for the juice, then come to Perrygrove to make the product.

National Curriculum Link

  • Understand seasonality and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed
Perrygrove Railway

Treat Day

KS1 & 2

Perrygrove is a great place to take your class/group to reward them for all of their hard work.

Take as many rides on the railway as you would like, explore our beautiful, unspoilt woodland, have fun at our Treetop Adventure, Foxy Hollow playground and Twilight Village.

The 1st St Briavels Beavers Scouts had a lovely day outto Perrygrove where they completed their Explore badge. The Perrygrove team were very friendly and welcoming and facilitated the visit brilliantly. A lovely time was had by all and the dreaded April showers held off allowing us to have our first picnic of the year outside. Thank you so much Team Perrygrove and of course Steam Engine Anne.

Mari Gillingham, St Briavels Beavers and Scouts, April 2022

Ice creams are available for an additional cost, please ask when emailing. To discuss your requirements and to make a booking please call: 01594 834991, or email:

Whilst every effort will be made to operate advertised and agreed services, Perrygrove reserves the right to cancel, alter or suspend any service without notice. No liability for any loss, inconvenience or delay can be accepted beyond monies paid directly to us although we will do our best to offer alternative services if possible.