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Perrygrove Railway Adventure has plenty to offer all year round. A return journey takes 30 minutes. Passengers may alight at the various stations on the way in order to enjoy exciting play areas and woodland walks. We are proud to be a dog friendly, family run attraction.

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Spirit in the snow Perrygrove

The Perrygrove Railway

Our narrow gauge railway meanders through the woods and meadows of Perrygrove on a ¾ mile journey. We run both steam and diesel engines. Trains run frequently throughout the day and you can ride as many times as you like.

We have a number of different engines at Perrygrove, you can find out more about them by visiting the Meet the engines page or why not adopt a Perrygrove Engine!

Meet The Engines

We have a number of steam and diesel engines at Perrygrove. We are always looking for more volunteers to help look after them. Get in touch if you think you can help.

View more details on the engines and their history

Adopt an Engine

You can adopt any of the engines at Perrygrove Railway. It makes a great gift and helps us look after the engines all at the same time! Adoption lasts for 12 months and comes with a host of benefits – Learn More

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Treetop Adventure

Built in our beautiful woodland, our treehouses really are high up in the treetops! They are mostly accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs, although care must be taken. There is a bouncy bridge and a slide. You can also wave at the train below you. This is a great place for a game of hide and seek. The Treetop Adventure is accessed from our main station, Perrygrove.

Family on the Treetop adventure
Two children in the Twilight Village

Twilight Village

Our newly refurbished Twilight Village is a magnet for children and their friends. It’s home to five houses connected by secret passages and staircases. It is an indoor attraction, so makes the perfect place to shelter from the rain or sun. The entrance to the Twilight Village can be found in the picnic area at Perrygrove Station and is accessed via the wooden ramp.

“The Twilight Village is my most favourite part! It’s so much fun to explore.”

Will, aged 8
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Foxy Hollow & Warren Adventure

Situated at the end of the line, Oakiron station is where you need to get off for Foxy Hollow. You will find swings, an undercover playground with a slide, firemans pole and rope walk.

There are always plenty of picnic benches in the large grassy area. This is the perfect place to relax for a few hours and watch the train going by. Within the woods adjacent to the play area, you will discover a lot of dens. There are always new dens being built and we welcome this as a great activity to enjoy.

At the bottom of Foxy Hollow is where you can go wild in our Warren Adventure. Built into the ground, children can have fun crawling through tunnels to find their friends. There’s also a lovely wooded area here which is usually very peaceful.

Foxy hollow
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Woodland Walks

Stretching the length of the railway line from Rookwood to Oakiron, it takes about 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other. Our woods come alive during the spring, especially when the bluebells and wild garlic appear, (in April/May usually). The ground turns into a sea of blue, lilac and white and it looks and smells absolutely stunning. It makes for some really lovely pictures too.

Autumn is another stunning time of year in the Forest of Dean and our site offers no exception to this. We refer to it as ‘the forest in the fall.’ The leaves turn to orange and red as they fall from the treetops, lining the paths with many different colours.

During the winter months the paths can get very slippery, so sturdy foot wear is recommended. The woods are not wheelchair accessible and can be difficult for lightweight strollers. In high winds and heavy snow fall we will shut the woods for safety reasons.

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Cafe & Shop

We have a small cafe at Perrygrove which serves the following;

• Rijo Coffee, Breakfast and Herbal Teas. Plus many cold drinks
• Sausage rolls, pasties, sandwiches and baguettes with various fillings available
• Confectionery and crisps
• Selection of cakes
• Kids lunch box comprising of sandwich, crisps, raisins and a drink
• Soft scoop local ice cream all year round

We are very proud to have a 5 star hygiene rating. You are welcome to bring a picnic, but these are not permitted in our cafe – we have plenty of picnic tables situated outside at Perrygrove station and Foxy Hollow play area. All we ask is that you take your own picnic rubbish home with you.

We also have a small gift shop selling books, postcards, BigJigs railway and some pocket money gifts.

The history of Perrygrove

Opened in 1996, Perrygrove is built on an old farm – the workshop was a tractor shed and the station was once used as a barn. It has always been a family run business and today it’s owned by David and Katherine Nelson-Brown. They live onsite with their children, tractors and animals! Today if you are lucky enough, you can still enjoy seeing some vintage farm work going on around the Perrygrove estate. We have four vintage tractors and lots of trailers which help with many different jobs like hay making in the summer and pear picking in the autumn. You might also be lucky enough to see our horses and lambs from the train. In the winter they graze the front field near the car park and in the summer they graze the field near to The Orchard. We are happy for everyone to enjoy the views of the horses, lambs and tractors etc, but they are not directly accessible to the public.