COVID-19 Statement


At present there are no government restrictions or guidance in place. The additional measures set out below are currently suspended, they may be reintroduced at short notice if required.

We have introduced a number of measures to our business to be COVID-19 safe.

We would ask everyone that visits to be patient to our staff – we are at times short of staff due to self isolation requirements. We will be retaining all of our Covid safe measures in place and would encourage the continued wearing of face coverings and distancing in these challenging times.


As you will see when you arrive we have changed the entrance quite a lot. Access to the toilets is now available from the entrance and not the cafe. Each family will need to queue with social distancing in mind – this may well end up that queuing will be in the car park, so you will need to take extra care if this is the case. There is a new sign just before the level crossing gates which you will need to read before coming in. We will encourage card payments as much as possible – there is no minimum spend by card. As always if the white level crossing gates are shut, please do not open them. They have been shut by a member of our staff for your safety. During school holidays we recommend advance booking.


We have installed glass screens in our carriages, giving separate compartments for families. The guard will shut the carriage door once you have sat down. The guard will then open it again when the train has stopped – please do not touch the door unless absolutely necessary. When Perrygrove is closed the carriages will be given a deep clean on a daily basis.


The café will be open. All hot drinks will be in take away cups. Again card payments are preferred.  We encourage the continued wearing of face masks in our cafe, unless you are exempt.


Access to the toilets is near the front entrance. Please be respectful of social distancing in this small area.


There are sanitizing stations by the treehouses and Foxy Hollow. Please ensure your hands are sanitized before and after use.


Depending on what day you visit, you will notice that some of the staff will be working in close proximity to each other. Some of our staff are related and from the same household, so we have tried to keep these together as much as possible. We have under taken in-house risk assessments and training for all of our staff.


We are conscious of anxiety about booking a long way in advance and the potential to loose your money. We have clarified our ticketing terms and conditions and these can be viewed in the terms and conditions section of the website.