Access Statement

Our trains are accessible for wheelchair users. We have ramps at two of our stations and a designated area in some of the carriages for wheelchairs. We regret, due to the size and bulk of motorised scooters, we can not safely accommodate them on the trains.

The tree houses are wheelchair friendly. Being up in the tree tops, there are naturally a few areas that are inaccessible, however in the main wheelchair users can enjoy them as much as able bodied persons.

Our woodland walks are not accessible. They are ancient mining woods and many of the paths are uneven and slippery, therefore we do not recommend this activity to those that need assistance when walking.

If you are planning on visiting us with a group of people that use wheelchairs, please telephone or email us in advance, so we can ensure we can accommodate you as much as possible.

We hope that this has covered most of your questions, but if you would like more information on this subject, please click on the document link below or call us on 01594 834991 and we would be happy to help you.