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1. The railway is operated by Treasure Train Ltd. (“the company”), number 2804042, registered in England and Wales, registered office at Perrygrove Farm, Perrygrove Road, Coleford, GL16 8QB. These conditions apply to all contracts made by the company.

2. Any contract made with any person for entry to the railway’s premises or use of its facilities is made with the company even if payment is made to another person at the company’s request.

3. A valid ticket is required to enter the company’s premises. Tickets are valid for the day of issue only and are not transferable. Customers may re-enter provided that a valid ticket is shown. The company reserves the right to refuse admission to its premises and to eject any person who breaches these conditions or behaves in a way which is inappropriate for a family tourism attraction.

4. No guarantee is given that seats will be available on any particular train.

5. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will remain responsible for them, supervise them properly, and take care of them throughout their visit. Groups of children must be supervised by an adequate number of competent adults. Adult visitors are also required to conduct themselves responsibly and to take reasonable care of themselves whilst using the company’s facilities.

6. Visitors must be willing to accept the following at their own risk:-
a. Occasional emission of soot, ash and sparks from steam locomotives
b. Trip and slip hazards on uneven woodland paths
c. Low ceilings and stairs in the indoor village; and stairs leading to the footbridge
d. Loss of or damage to any personal property (including vehicles) left on the company’s premises.

7. The following are not permitted on the company’s premises:
a. Smoking in any building, on the train, or anywhere on the site during periods of dry weather.
b. Barbecues
c. Dogs other than guide dogs in harness (because children have access to all public areas)
d. The immoderate consumption of alcohol
The decision of an officer of the company as to any of the above matters is final.

8. Any offer which is made by the company in the form of either a general advertisement or a specific quotation is subject to a right of correction by the company in the event of an omission or error, and a right on the part of the company to withdraw such offer either verbally or in writing at any time before it accepts payment and accordingly no contract with the company shall come into existence until the company has accepted full payment of the price specified in the offer. Receipt of a deposit does not commit the company to performance of any contract. In the event that the company does withdraw any offer it will immediately refund the whole of any payment which it has received.

9. Title to any goods or any tangible manifestation of any service shall not pass to any customer until full payment has been received.

10. The company accepts publicity material for display at its premises at its sole discretion. Such display is free of charge in the case of material supplied by businesses which have a reciprocal display agreement. In all other cases a charge is made, payable in advance.

11. These conditions are published on the company’s website www.perrygrove.co.uk and a copy is available free of charge to any person who requests it. Accordingly all persons entering any form of business relationship with the company shall be presumed to have read these conditions. If for an exceptional reason a customer has genuinely not had an opportunity to read these conditions prior to paying for any goods or services the company will supply a copy to the customer separately or on any ticket issued and allow a “cooling off” period during which the customer may cancel the transaction. Any such cancellation must be made in writing strictly within the period allowed. The company will refund any payment after receiving such cancellation, less an administrative charge of 20%.

12. The company will use all reasonable endeavours to operate the services which it advertises but in the event that the supply of any service or goods is delayed, interrupted, altered, cancelled or unperformed for any other reason the company’s liability is limited to a refund of any money paid. The company will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage. No refunds will be given for payments made in advance if the relevant service does operate.

13. The company does not accept service of any document by electronic means.

14. All contracts made by the company are subject to English law.

15. These conditions together with those printed on any ticket or booking constitute the entire agreement between the company and its customers and supersede any previous agreement or understanding and may not be varied except in writing by the company. All other terms and conditions, express or implied by statute or otherwise, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

16. If any provision of these conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

17. Nothing in these conditions is intended to affect the statutory rights of any consumer as defined in law.

18. The company reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time by placing a copy of the amended conditions in the entrance to its premises and on its website www.perrygrove.co.uk

19. Delay in enforcing any of these conditions does not fetter the company’s right to enforce it.


20. The company publishes material on its websites for general guidance only. Users agree to accept the following conditions of use in addition to the foregoing:
a. The Internet is not a secure medium. The company does not guarantee the reliability or security of its websites or that they will be continuously available, error or virus free. All use is made at the user’s own risk.
b. Any person may download, store and use the material on the company’s websites for personal use and research but may not republish, retransmit, redistribute or otherwise make this material available to any other party or make the same available on any website, on-line service or bulletin board or make it available in hard copy or on any other media without the company’s express prior written consent.
c. The company does not guarantee any links to third party sites nor provide any guarantees or accept any liability in respect of the content on such third party sites. The company hereby excludes to the fullest extent permitted by law any liability of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly as a result of any use its websites.
d. No person may create a link to any of the company’s website pages except the home page of the company’s principal website www.perrygrove.co.uk without prior written consent.

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Perrygrove is owned and operated by Treasure Train Ltd. Registered in England and Wales, company number 2804042. Registered office at above address.  

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