Other Railway Rolling Stock


Locomotive Spirit of Adventure 0-6-0T

Spirit of Adventure was built by the Exmoor Steam Railway. Construction was commenced in 1992 & completed in July 1993 when it was taken to the The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway for trials. It ended up staying a year, during which time it took over River Esk’s duties for a while when that engine burst a cylinder cover. Visited the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway in 2004. At Perrygrove it has always been very popular and it is so easy to drive that an ab initio driver can be trained very quickly.

Owned by Michael & Frances Crofts

Locomotive Lydia 2-6-2T

Built by Alan Keef Ltd. in 2008. This is a large new locomotive which has been built specifically for our railway. She is based on a traditional design with a coal-fired boiler but modern design has been used to improve performance. She rides beautifully and has enormous power. In 2009 she visited the Bure Valley Railway where she had an opporunity to show what she can do at much higher speeds and with heavier loads than our little railway offers.

Owned by Treasure Train Ltd. and financed by a private individual.

Diesel Locomotive Workhorse

Workhorse has been at Perrygrove since we started. It was built by Motor Rail of Bedford under their Simplex brand in 1963 but in 1966 it was photographed at Bedford by Peter Excell who reports that the makers were having trouble selling this line of very small locos. Our loco was eventually sold to the 2’6” gauge railway at Richardson’s Moss Litter Co. Ltd. Solway Moss Works, Longtown, near Gretna, where it hauled trains of peat for many years. It has to be started by winding a handle, it has no springs, it cannot pull passenger trains because it has no air brakes, and it is geared down so much that its maximum speed is about 4.5 miles per hour. But for 12 years it hauled the clue train out every morning and back every evening without ever breaking down.

Owned by Treasure Train Limited

Diesel Locomotive Jubilee

Jubilee was constructed at Leeds under the Hunslet/Jenbacher marque but given its place of manufacture we are treating it as a Hunslet machine and it carries an original Hunslet brass radiator plate from another locomotive. Manufacturers’ numbering is LD 9337 Type DH25 with a construction date of 1994 and an original gauge of 2 feet (609 mm). Bob Darvill comments as follows: ‘A total of 28 of this design of loco were built at Leeds, 24 of them were exported to a firm called JAN PAN in Singapore, I believe they were for use on the logging lines in Borneo and Sarawak. Four of the locos were retained by Hunslet for use as a hire fleet – 9333, 9335, 9336 and 9337 [this is ours]. As far as I know they were only used on one contract – the Jubilee Line Extension, and after that they went to Kilmarnock for storage.’ We arranged the purchase of all four of these locos, keeping one for ourselves and naming it Jubilee to commemorate its original work on the London Underground. We have completely re-built the locomotive at Perrygrove.

Owned by Treasure Train Ltd.


Other rolling stock

There are nearly 50 railway vehicles at Perrygrove and eventually these pages will describe most of them.

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