Indoor Village

Can you find the secret passages in our indoor village?

The perfect place for hide and seek, our indoor village is fun for kids and just about big enough for most grown ups too!

Our indoor village has 5 houses connected by secret passages – they’re the perfect place for a game of hide and seek and provides hours of fun in all weather!

Hide from your friends (and the grown-ups) – play under cover as long as you like, as there are no time limits on anything at Perrygrove.

Our indoor village is also home to our treasure hunt boxes where you will discover your hidden treasure – but only if you have guessed all of the clues correctly!

Satisfied Customers

"Took 4 year old grandson to this wonderful attraction and he loved it. A special "thank you" to the truly brilliant staff who made his visit really special. Well done and don't change it!"

Malcolm G - Tripadvisor

"This has got to be a great day out for young families and is so inexpensive . Just make sure everyone is full of energy before the start of what will be a fun filled energetic day out."

Mark S - Tripadvisor

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